Boris is a product designer and researcher working the San Francisco Bay Area

OwnedOutcomes is a startup focused on doing predictive analytics on health care claims for customers such as large health systems, individual hospitals, and health insurance providers. I joined OwnedOutcomes early on in their startup phase as the 3rd member of their design team. As the team was small my role spanned a wide breath of responsibilities. I was one 3 designers responsible for the overall product experience from abstract concept to pixel completion. 

Along side my tasks as an experience designer and researcher, I led the development of the website with custom Wordpress themes. You can find it at

The Process

The OwnedOutcomes design process was constantly in flux and being iterated upon, even more often than the products themselves. However all projects started with gathering strategy / experience / business requirements, then iterating design solutions around them via wireframes which would eventually become high fidelity visuals. I was able to introduce user research and analytics into the the above process. 

The Problem

The problem space of showcasing a narrative around dense statistical data about material such as healthcare insurance claims to a wide audience compromised of everyone from accountants to doctors to key business decision makers was challenging. I had to learn how to consolidate statistical meaning visually and tell a story around it,  while maintaining the original intent and precision of the numbers and statistics themselves. 

Below you can find a sample of some of the projects I worked on: